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by admin on September 22, 2011

Who is Yuri Elkaim and how can he help you?

Yuri Elkaim is one of the most creative and original personal trainers, inventors and marketers of fitness products in the world today. He is widely recognized as a cutting edge innovator who has helped millions of people get into shape and stay in shape.


Yuri’s claim to fame was the invention of the first exercise programs designed for digital devices such as MP3 players and iPods. Yuri was working as a personal fitness trainer in Toronto a few years back when a client suggested that he record one of his workouts. Intrigued by this notion, he did some research and found out that there was nobody else recording workouts for digital devices. He then started making recordings.


The first of these was the 12 week Fitter U mp3 fitness program. This program provided clients with the benefits of personal training without having to go to a personal trainer. The program was so successful that the clients demanded a sequel and Yuri did just that. Yuri’s goal with these programs was to give average people the sensation of training like a professional athlete. Yet this was only the beginning; there is much more to Yuri’s story.


Since then he has developed the Fitter U Fitness, Treadmill Trainer and Amazing Abs workout programs. These programs combine streaming audio and video instruction and coaching from Yuri with his advice on diet and exercise.


An Expert in Both Personal Training and Nutrition

Yuri Elkaim knows all about training like a professional athlete because he was one. He was such an outstanding soccer player at the University of Toronto that he was invited to turn pro and play for one of the top professional teams in France Lillie OSC or Le LOSC. He had achieved a lifelong dream and accomplished an astounding feat for a North American – to actually play professional soccer in Europe.


In France, Yuri learned about the physical training that modern athletes receive firsthand. He even trained with a conditioning coach who was also a sprint coach for the French Olympic team. Yuri was able to study and experience the training methods of modern Olympic athletes firsthand. Despite the training, Yuri’s soccer career didn’t work out. So he went home to Toronto and became a full-time personal trainer.


Yet Yuri is much more than just a trainer. After returning home, he studied holistic nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. In fact he is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. He became a nutritionist and got so interested in the subject that he wrote a 360 page e-book called Eating for Energy, which he describes as a “nutrition bible.” As if that wasn’t enough, Yuri also developed a 30-day cleansing program he calls the Total Wellness Cleanse. This is a natural method of detoxing and cleansing your body.


Not Your Average Personal Trainer or Nutrition Guru

As you can see, Yuri Elkaim is not your average personal trainer or nutrition guru. He has actually been a professional athlete and he has real firsthand experience with advanced athletic training methods. He has also worked as a personal trainer with real clients in the real world and helped them lose weight and improve their lives.


Unlike many personal trainers and fitness gurus, Yuri has academic expertise to back up his offerings. He actually studied physical health and kinesiology (the science of human movement and performance, he’s a certified kinesiologist) and achieved honors doing it at the University of Toronto. In college, he worked with top sports medicine doctors, so he actually knows the science behind what he’s teaching.


Yet he has real world experience to back up the book learning. He started working as a personal trainer in his second year of college and has worked with thousands of clients since then. Yuri was also able to augment his experience and university training with what he learned as a professional soccer player. Few other fitness gurus or personal trainers have this kind of experience or knowledge.


Now, he has developed a whole line of online fitness programs and products designed to help the average person get healthy and stay healthy. These include workouts, cleansing products and exercise devices. All of them were developed by Yuri himself. Whether you want to just lose weight or get in shape for a triathlon, he could help you.


His offerings include the popular iPod and MP3 workouts and nutrition programs: Fat Loss Fitness, Amazing Abs Solution, Treadmill Trainer, Total Wellness Cleanse, Athletic Conditioning and Raw Food Nutrition. He has also produced several Interval Training streaming video workouts for runners including: 5K Training, 10K Training, Half Marathon Training, Strength Training for Runners, and Stretching for Runners.


Unlike many trainers, Yuri tries to address the whole person by touching on nutrition and related issues. His Eating for Energy raw food diet and Total Wellness Cleanse detox diet are designed to help improve a person’s overall health. He recognizes that training, fitness and weight loss involve a change of lifestyle as much as anything else. His Web site gives daily fitness tips and diet advice.


If all this was not enough, Yuri still finds time to serve as the assistant coach for the University of Toronto Blues men’s soccer team. He’s also their head of strength and conditioning, so he still works with top athletes in real world conditions. If that wasn’t enough, Yuri still finds time to work with thousands of clients all over the world through his website and Facebook page.


If you are looking for a fitness program based on real knowledge and experience, Yuri Elkaim is definitely your man. He actually knows what it takes to get real people leading lives into shape and he can help you.

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